2019 Was Challenging Year For Construction Workers

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2019 Was Challenging Year For Construction Workers

Corrugated roofing sheets may be in demand across the UK’s construction industry, but it has been a tough year for workers.

Construction industry charity Lighthouse said that it had had a challenging year in 2019, with an increase in calls to its helpline of 56 per cent.

The charity had been forced to help 2,616 families in crisis over the past year with over £703,000 given out to families in need in financial support and giving.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity told Scottish Construction Now: “We will continue to deliver pro-active interventions to ensure that situations do not reach a life-critical stage and our mission is to ensure that no worker feels alone in a crisis. To support our helpline, we have recently introduced professional caseworkers who ensure that applicants receive all the possible support available to them, both from us and other organisations.”

In order to support this work and as a sign that awareness of the importance of mental health is improving the charity is investing over £400,00 on its Building Mental Health programme. It has trained over 3,000 mental health first aiders to be ‘boots on the ground’ for construction workers in a crisis and raise awareness of mental health problems among workers.

Lighthouse has also invested over £20,000 on a Construction Industry Helpline App which aims to provide information to workers about mental and physical wellbeing easily and discreetly.  

To access the helpline’s team of experts, call the Construction Industry Helpline on 0345 605 1956 or visit www.constructionindustryhelpline.com.


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