4 DIY Jobs Best Left To The Professionals

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4 DIY Jobs Best Left To The Professionals

If you’ve been spending your lockdown free time by learning new DIY skills on YouTube, hopefully, you’ll be aware of your limits, knowing what jobs you can handle with ease, and which ones are best left to the professionals.

Aside from the humiliation of asking an expert to fix a simple job that you’ve botched up, some jobs involve a certain amount of risk, such as working at heights while fixing the roof, or anything plumbing or electricity-related. Larger renovation jobs certainly need the skills of a professional.

We have a look at four ‘easy’ DIY tasks that are simpler in the hands of an expert.

  1. Flatpack assembly

Little can test a relationship more than building flatpack furniture. Instructions seemingly are written in an alien language, and trying to identify the differences between screw ‘A’ and screw ‘B’, and of course that missing vital piece.

They can be much more complicated than they seem, and one small misstep can mean a lot of time retracing your steps.

  1. Plastering

Common mistakes include mixing the plaster badly, taking too long so it dries and applying it too thickly, requiring hours of sanding to fix. Ceilings and tight spots around things like window frames and light switches are especially tricky.

Watch an expert do it lightning-fast and you’ll wonder why anyone else would ever attempt it.

  1. Tiling

From underestimating how many tiles you need to cutting them wrong to get them to fit around fittings and fixtures, tiling is fraught with easy mistakes. An expert will be able to measure up correctly, have the experience to know how to cut the tiles, and even how to blend in the slight variations in colour and size that tiles naturally have.

  1. Painting

Anyone can run a roller over a wall, but can they handle the hours of tedious prep it takes to successfully paint a room? Most surfaces require cleaning, scraping, sanding, taping and patching before you get to the fun part.

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