British Roofing ‘Unlike Anywhere Else’

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British Roofing ‘Unlike Anywhere Else’


As the autumn weather sets in, the country is collectively grateful for a strong roof overhead, especially when the bad weather batters homes in the storms that pass overhead at night.


Speaking to Planning and Building Control Today Technical Director at Russell Roof Tiles Mark Parsons revealed that British roofing is pretty unique, because there is no one uniform material for roofing across the country, as the changeability of our weather dictates which materials are most effective depending on where you live.


“Roofing across Britain is very distinctive and unlike anywhere else in Europe, as many other countries tend to use predominantly one material,” he was quoted as saying. “In contrast, every region and roof in the UK is different and various measures and circumstances need to be considered.”


As the roof accounts for 40 per cent of a building’s façade, it is essential it is correctly covered and to high standard for longevity.


The NHBC’s latest housing statistics showed that 42,470 new homes were registered in Quarter One of 2017. This is a 17 per cent increase on the same period in 2016.

Parsons said to give local authorities and the entire supply chain involved in building new homes reassurance, it is essential guarantees are offered.


“In law, a guarantee is an agreement given, without any extra charge, to repair, replace or refund on goods that do not meet the specifications set out in the guarantee,” he explained, noting that as weather conditions become more volatile, it is important to have devices in place that everybody in the supply chain can rely on.


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