Flexibility Urged For Post-Brexit Visa Scheme

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Flexibility Urged For Post-Brexit Visa Scheme


Firms in the construction industry have urged the government to show flexibility towards workers in the UK from the EU when it comes to a visa scheme after Brexit.


A report from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) found that the majority of employers believe that the low-skilled visa for people who have level two qualifications will be unsuitable for the sector.


Under current proposals it will have a 12-month time limit. This is problematic because many projects in the sector last longer than one year, while they will still need to provide training to workers coming to the UK on such visas, which in some cases will take the majority of the 12 months.


What’s more, the survey found that 41 per cent of EU workers in the UK’s construction industry are self-employed. There is no new visa system to cover them, which means they could be “lost” to the sector.


Among the recommendations to come out of the report are for the low-skill visa to be extended to 24 months and for non-UK born workers to be able to transition from a low-skill to a high-skill visa while remaining in the country.


Steve Radley, CITB policy director, said: “It is important that construction has the breathing space to adjust to new changes. CITB will work closely with government to see that a simple, flexible migration system is put in place.”


Last month, one construction firm told the Guardian that they’ve already seen a number of their European workers leave the UK and return home because “they’re sick and tired of being political footballs”.


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