Home Building On Track To Reach 2020 Target

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Home Building On Track To Reach 2020 Target
In the past few years, the house-building industry has been in a state of constant flux, with one day demand for insulated roofing sheets being sky high, and then next, house builders finding themselves in a lull.
With demand outstripping supply, pressure is on to meet house building targets in the UK, but despite a forecast of gloom and doom in the media, a new report has found that house building is on track to meet the government’s 2020 targets, according to Property Wire.
The report from the Home Builder’s Federation has found that the industry has recorded the fastest increase in output ever recorded. Housing supply levels are up 74 per cent in the last four years, however the HBF made it clear that we can’t afford complacency and allow critics who don’t want more homes built “in their back yard” to have their way.
Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF, said that the constant criticism of the industry means that the huge progress made isn’t always recognised: “Negative perceptions also make further increases in supply more difficult by encouraging and providing excuses for the anti-development lobby and local authorities who don’t want to build.”
He also believes that this negative perception could be stopping new, skilled workers being attracted to the industry.
However, despite this, the report also revealed how the industry is recruiting tens of thousands more employees and more planning permission applications have been made than ever before in the run up to achieving the government target of 300,000 new homes a year.

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