Homeowners Turn To Social Media For Property Inspiration

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Homeowners Turn To Social Media For Property Inspiration

Making a house a home does not end after tradesmen finish putting up steel cladding sheets and piling up the bricks. In fact, once the work of building a new property is complete, it is down to homeowners to add charm and character to their abode.

However, creating a home – whether physically building it or by adding décor – is not easy, and this is why more and more people are turning to social media to help.

This is according to Admiral, which revealed 73 per cent of millennials are jealous of houses they have seen on networking sites.

It also found nearly half (43 per cent) get inspiration for their home decor from Instagram, and 37 per cent feel pressure over how they decorate their property due to social media.

Chief executive officer of Admiral personal loans Scott Cargill said: “Instagram and other social media platforms are not only making us feel envious of others’ homes, but are also heavily influencing how much we invest in significant upgrades to our own homes.”

This means Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are not just making homeowners go out and buy different cushions, but could be encouraging them to install a new kitchen, build an extension or repurpose a room entirely.

This, therefore, would impact many construction and DIY tradespeople, who need to stay abreast of the changing trends on social media to be able to give clients what they want.

Recently, Halifax revealed the average house price in the UK is £240,677, having increased by 2.8 per cent over the year to March 2020.

Therefore, more homeowners might be inclined to make changes to their property rather than buy a new one if prices continue to increase.

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