Homes England Plans For 5,000 Newbuilds

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Homes England Plans For 5,000 Newbuilds


There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding many industries in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic and its future impact on the country’s economy. However, one area that is still planning to expand following Covid-19 is the housebuilding sector.

Homes England revealed it acquired 19 sites in the last financial year, which could see 5,000 new properties across the UK once this land is built upon.

Many major purchases were acquired towards the end of the financial year, even in the midst of the coronavirus chaos. This suggests Homes England still perceives there to be a strong demand for newbuild properties, built with corrugated roofing sheets, after the pandemic has died down.

Interim Homes England chair Simon Dudley stated: “The need for new housing will remain a priority, so we will continue to do business with partners across the sector to create opportunities for future development and support the government’s housebuilding objectives.”

He added the intention of the organisation is to continue to invest in opportunities “to support market recovery”.

Chief land and development officer at Homes England Stephen Kinsella added there will still be a housing shortage, which is why it remains essential to continue to build new homes for the future.

One area of the country that is exceeding house-building targets is East Riding of Yorkshire, with government figures revealing it delivered 1,420 properties in 2018-19, nearly 50 per cent more than its original target of 957, Pocklington Post reported.

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