Make Construction More Appealing To Women To Fill Construction Shortage

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Make Construction More Appealing To Women To Fill Construction Shortage


Corrugated roofing sheets are in high demand in areas where there is home building going on, but the construction industry is facing a skills shortage.


Many in the industry have been warning of the risk that the construction industry will be unable to fill vacancies in the future, and this problem will be exacerbated when we leave the European Union, as many workers are from there.


However, there is a solution to this problem according to Paul Payne, managing director of One Way.


He says that by making construction more of a realistic option to women, and by targeting them from when they are in school, the construction industry could fill its skills shortage.


“It’s downright negligent to almost rule out half of the workforce from working in the industry, but that’s essentially what is happening,” he said in response to a report that has shown up to 27,000 projects will suffer from a lack of workers in the next five years.


“The alternative is to rest on our laurels and continue to do very little, which will only lead to the construction industry in this country falling apart,” he adds.


There was also room for more diversity in general in the construction industry, if it were to fill the skills gap that may become a problem in the next couple of years.


This could be done by changing the public image of construction Mr Payne explained, for example by demonstrating the number of different roles that exist from bricklayers through to quantity surveyors.

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