Three Quick Fixes For Roof Issues

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Three Quick Fixes For Roof Issues

Properly installed with the right materials, most roofs are built to last decades. However, in particularly harsh and unique conditions, as well as when small issues are allowed to build up.

Corrugated roofing sheets are particularly strong and, when properly installed, hassle-free to maintain. However, when there are issues, they can often be easily resolved.

Here are three quick fixes when handling roof issues.

Reinstall Fasteners

A primary source of unwanted movement and leaks often is the result of fasteners that have not been installed. If you are noticing a leak that is confined to a very tiny area, chances are a misaligned or loose fastener is to blame.

Unscrew any screw fasteners (or pull the nails in the case of nail fasteners) and reattach, ensuring they are driven in effectively and are straight.

Remove Rust

Metal roofing will have an anti-corrosion coating, but in the case of harsh weather, scratches or other damage, it can come off, exposing the metal underneath to oxidation.

There are many ways to remove rust, but the most effective is the simplest; use a wire wool brush to scrape it off, use a metal primer to prime the surface then reapply your topcoat.

Caught early enough, rust and corrosion can be stopped without replacing any roofing sheets. However, if it is severely damaged it may need to be replaced.

Reseal Your Roof

Most seams, edges and holes for pipes and chimneys will be sealed using a flashing membrane underneath as well as roofing cement.

If you are noticing leaks around these areas, resealing the area can be an effective solution.

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