Why Colour Matters And Choosing The Best Colour For Your Metal Roof

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Why Colour Matters And Choosing The Best Colour For Your Metal Roof

The evolution of corrugated roofing sheets has changed over the years, from single-coloured steel sheets to a material that can be tailored for different purposes.

Whether you are considering robust roofing for your warehouse or a unique look for your home, the colour of the metal you use will have a critical effect on not only the look of a roof but also its energy efficiency and lifespan.

Here are some top tips when choosing the colour of your metal roof.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs can help the energy efficiency of your home, especially in the summer months because the roof reflects heat and light from the sun, lowering the temperature of the building inside.

If this is a priority, choose a lighter colour for your metal paint to keep your building cooler. By contrast, if you want to absorb solar heat, use darker colours, although keep in mind metal conducts heat much better than other roofing materials.

Choose Quality First

Metal paints have increased not only in quality and suitability for specific metals but also in the range of colours available. You do not simply have to choose brown, cobalt or black.

However, do bear in mind that your paint should be of very high quality and be suited for the material your roof is made from. For example, a galvanised steel roof would need zinc-based paint or acrylic latex paint. Look into your specific needs and choose an appropriate coating.


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